The ISAIAH Project Inc. - The Dream Makers
No Chickens to Clean & No Fish to Fry!
Special Fund Raising Project For
Churches, Organizations and  Groups Working For Community Improvement
Kenneth L. Radcliffe Services is donating  to
these 501(c)(3)organizations.
$5.00 for each Hard cover reg.@ $24.99 
$3.00 for each Soft cover  reg.@ $15.99 
Select the button/drop down
for your organization of choice. 
  • Communities of Harlem Health Revival (CHHR)
  • Peoples Institute for Survival and Beyond (PISAB)
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  •   St.Charles Borromeo Resurrection All Saints  (CBRES) Visit Website 

Radcliffe Book
org donation

Plan a Fund Raising Event!
Mental Health Seminar Presentations and
Book Signings for groups of 15 or more are available
Call for information and schedule
347 459 0393 or
Ask about the ISAIAH Project's "Let Our Healing Begin" Seminars on the Impact Of Mental Illness, Alcohol, Drugs Substance Misuse, Racism and Violence on the Poor, in Black Urban America, Other Communities of Color and White folks so called.
Churches and Organizations interested in this Special Fundraising Project, Contact Deacon Ken Radcliffe 347 459 0393 or